Upcoming ‘Trashed’ screenings

‘Trashed’ is a powerful new documentary featuring Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons. The film takes us on a journey of discovery, disbelief and hope as we see how humanity is trashing the planet but also where positive change is taking place.

I’ll be introducing the films and conducting discussions afterwards with a view to promoting local action so we can all work together for a cleaner tomorrow.

Join the Facebook event here and invite friends in the areas mentioned to come along!

I’m sorry we can’t make it to every community out there but we are offering co-branded screenings with Take 3 if you have an interested group. Please contact us at info@take3.org.au if you’re keen. You can also download the film from itunes.

Big thanks to Spaceships Campers for donating a camper for the long drive down to Melbourne! I look forward to seeing you at these events!


11th Nov. – 6.30pm – Hutley Hall, 200 Miller St. North Sydney. Presented by North Sydney Council. Free.
Bookings 9936 8100. http://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Waste_Environment/Get_Involved_Green_Events/Green_Events/Trashed_-_The_Movie

12th Nov. – 6pm – Eden Gardens, 301-307 Lane Cove Rd. Ryde. Presented by City of Ryde. Free.
Bookings 9952 8222. http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/Whats+On/Event/TRASHED

13th Nov. – 6.30pm – Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Presented by Gosford City Council and HCRCMA. Free.
Bookings 4382 1777 http://www.gosford.nsw.gov.au/news_events/media/media-releases-2013/october-2013/watch-waste-get-trashed

17th Nov. – 5pm (6.15pm start). Randwick Community Centre, 27 Munda St. Presented by Randwick City Council. Free. Bookings: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/event/8989569043/es2

28th Nov. – 5.30pm – Campsie Library, 14-28 Amy St, Campsie NSW. Presented by City of Canterbury. Free. (no presentation by Tim) Bookings: 9789 9488 or www.trashedmovie.eventbrite.com

3rd Dec. – 6.30pm – Patagonia Store, Sydney. Fundraiser. Info: 9267 7666.

4th Dec. – 6.30pm – Transition Bondi, Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi. $20/$15 incl. local dinner.

Melbourne/ VIC

17th Nov. – 5.30pm – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine VIC. Tix $20 (plus you get a free KeepCup!) Presented by Encycle. Bookings: 03 5472 1196. (no presentation by Tim)

25th Nov. – 6.30pm – Kingston Arts Centre, 979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin, VIC. Presented by City of Kingston. Free. Bookings 03 9581 4713

27th – 6pm – Patagonia Store, Torquay, VIC. Fundraiser.
Info: 03 5261 4420

28th – 7pm – Patagonia Store, Chapel St. Melbourne, VIC. Fundraiser. Info: 03 9824 0600

A final word..

We buy it, we bury it, we burn it and then we ignore it. Does anyone think about what happens to all the trash we produce? We keep making things that do not break down. We have all heard these horrifying facts before, but with Jeremy irons as our guide, we discover what happens to the billion or so tons of waste that goes unaccounted for each year.

Trashed screenings with Take 3 Nov. 13

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Let’s talk ‘Trash’..

As an environmentalist and campaigner for change I invest a lot of time in educational events to bring more awareness to the issues and (hopefully) inspire people to adopt simple changes to make things better. I’ve conducted over 100 of these events around Australia in the past 2 years to schools, universities, councils, businesses, government departments, community groups and at public festivals.

To compliment these events I often screen great documentaries including ‘Bag It’, ‘Plastic Shores‘ and ‘Waste Not‘. Adding to this exciting list, I recently secured permission to screen the powerful new documentary ‘Trashed’. Featuring Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons. ‘Trashed‘ sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem as Irons travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. It’s a powerful portrayal of humans’ disconnect between our consumption and the devastating impacts our waste is having on the biosphere.

I will be traveling around major centres showing this film (and others) over Spring/Summer and am very keen to hear from other groups, councils, schools, businesses etc who are interested in co-ordinating an event.

Please contact me if interested and read more about my guest speaking here.

Trashed Poster OFFICIAL low res

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Could you live plastic free?

Since learning about the serious impacts of plastic on the oceans and wildlife over the past few years I have attempted to live a life without using disposable plastic.

It might seem a bit tokenistic when you consider just how much disposable plastic is used by the rest of society but the way I see it… you have a simple choice: be part of the problem or part of the solution, I choose the latter.

I’m not the only one, living plastic free is a popular past time and now is the chance for you to have a try. Plastic Free July is an initiative of the Western Earth Carers in Perth, western Australia and is spreading rapidly around the world. Plastic Free July is a fun challenge where individuals, schools, businesses, families and groups attempt to ditch disposable plastic for a month. You can choose to avoid all disposable plastic or just focus on the easiest no-no’s including: plastic bags, bottles, coffee cups and straws.


Head over to the Plastic Free July website to register your interest and be sure to follow the groups Facebook page for regular updates and tips to living plastic free.

If you need to stock up on reusable products to help you avoid disposable plastic then be sure to head over to my new business ReChusable. We wholesale and retail alternatives to disposable plastic including reusable bottles, coffee cups, produce bags, shopping bags, glass straws, bamboo cutlery kits, sandwich wraps and more!

Keep Calm and Get ReChusable

And if you need a comprehensive guide to living  plastic free head to My Plastic Free Life by Beth Terry or pick up her book ‘Plastic Free – How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too’ in good book stores.

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Take 3 Fundraiser at Bondi Beach Feb 6th, 2013..

It’s set to be a bumper year for Take 3 and for my personal activism and I have to admit, I can’t wait! First up on the block is this awesome fundraiser event we’re hosting at Bondi Beach in conjunction with Openair Cinemas called, ‘Take 3 presents Ocean Love – an evening of music, film, art & inspiration celebrating our oceans.’

We have secured the amazing Mat Mchugh (former front man of The Beautiful Girls) to perform live! We asked our Facebook followers who they thought would be the best Australian musician to support Take 3 and there was an overwhelming response to Mat Mchugh. Mat being the legend that he is has obliged, thanks mate! You can download his new album ‘Love Come Save Me’ for free at www.matmchughmusic.com

The feature film will be the award winning ‘Minds in the Water’ about pro surfer & environmentalist Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich & his efforts to protect whales & dolphins from human harm. It’s an epic tale of how one man can inspire a generation of change. Dave is one of the founders of Surfers for Cetaceans, check them out.

If we have time we plan on showing the new surf film by acclaimed surf director Taylor Steele called, ‘Here & Now’ after the feature film. This film explores a single day in surfing around the world & features Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Rasta and Steph Gilmore among others.

There will be a number of environmental organisations there on the night to discuss local initiatives to protect our oceans. There will also be a bumper raffle where you could win: a wooden board by Tom Wegener, signed photographs by Rasta, autographed surf films by Taylor Steele, bamboo sunglasses from Topheads Eyewear, surfwear from Dripping Wet Surf Co., sustainable products from ReChusable, subscriptions for Green Lifestyle Magazine and much more!

A HUGE thanks to Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema Bondi for supporting Take 3, this is our second year with them & we look forward to many more.

Tickets from just $17 – head to www.openaircinemas.com.au

This years event will be amazing & we’d love to sell all 500 tickets so please share this info & tell everyone to come along.

Thanks to Elli at Studio Alte for designing the rad poster!

TAKE 3 presents Ocean Love Bondi poster 6.2.13

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Good to feel appreciated..

I was very stoked to receive the Environment Award and to be nominated for Citizen of the Year for my local government Australia Day Awards. It feels great to be appreciated in my community for the work that I do. Thanks!photo-21

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Big Steps…for the little guys..

I’ve been plugging away at this issue of plastic pollution for a few years now. There’s been plenty of ups and downs along the way but all in all I’m really pleased with what I’ve been able to achieve and the direction the campaigning is going.

Every week news emerges of county or Country banning plastic bags, or styrofoam food packaging or businesses eliminating plastic straws and moving to more sustainable options. Social Media has become the new democracy with unhappy consumers voicing their concerns and thankfully, companies are (forced into?) listening.

From a supermarket forced into removing pre-peeled bananas wrapped in a styrofoam tray from their shelves to Chupa Chups issuing a Global statement that they would ‘look into’ new alternatives to their plastic sticks, social media is the new platform for change and it’s spreading like wildfire. Follow the Chupa Chups Facebook campaign here.

As for me…I had a big step recently with the launch of the new ‘Truth’ bottle by Cheeki Stainless Steel. Cheeki have been supporting my non-profit Take 3 for a long time now so when Simon from Cheeki asked me if I’d like to write a short essay for a new bottle design I jumped at the chance! We call it ‘The truth about plastic bottles’ and in short it’s my views on why it’s so stupid to drink bottled water when in Australia we have qua
lity potable water straight from the tap.

If you’d like to buy one you can visit my new website ReChusable where we sell a whole range of functional reusable alternatives to disposable plastic and for wholesale enquiries  you can contact Cheeki directly.

Little guys have little voices but when we sing together the roar is deafening.

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An Evening With an Icon..

If there’s one man who knows it ‘all’ about my chosen field it’s this guy… Captain Charles Moore.

An icon and role model to many, Captain Moore famously stumbled across floating plastics when sailing from Hawaii to California in 1997. The shock, disgust and impending actions of Charles led to the word hearing of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for the first time.

Charles established the Algalita Marine Research Institute and has led global action and research into this issue for over 15 years. In 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting Charles at his home in Long Beach, California after my own voyage to the Garbage Patch and now it’s your turn!

Captain Moore is coming to Australia as part of his Plastic Pollution Conversation tour promoting his new book, ‘Plastic Ocean’. You can meet Charles in Sydney on 26th Sept at Taronga Zoo, 27th Sept at North Bondi RSL, Huskisson Sept. 24th, Melbourne 23rd Sept and Hobart Sept 21st. Entry is by donation or by purchasing a signed copy of the book for $20.

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